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Affordability Insulated concrete homes cost zero to 8% more than wood-frame homes. The slightly higher mortgage payment is easily offset by the lower energy bills and insurance premiums. The real payback is in quality...the intangible benefits of a  quieter and more comfortable home.

Built to Last Concrete requires little to no maintenance and stands up  to hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, and fires. It can’t be eaten by termites and won’t rust or rot.​​
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Energy Efficient R-Value Insulated concrete homes save an estimated 50 to 80% on heating and cooling costs, and provide more than double the effective insulating value of conventional framed walls.

Environmentally Friendly Insulated concrete homes decrease our dependence on fossil fuels, and minimize landfill waste. Concrete uses local materials and saves trees.

​​Superior Comfort Sound Reduction Insulated concrete homes reduce outside noise levels by up to 50%. Air Infiltration: Insulated concrete homes are virtually airtight and have four times less air infiltration, which means less dust, mold and moisture, and lower energy bills.​
Unlimited Design Flexibility Insulated concrete homes can be designed in any architectural style you can imagine. Because concrete takes any shape or form, it can create an unlimited variety of curves and angles.

​​Unsurpassed Safety / Wind Damage The strength and density of insulated concrete walls offer unmatched resistance to the devastation of tornados and straight-line winds over 200 mph. Fire: Insulated concrete walls have a four-hour fire rating when subjected to continuous gas, flames, and temperatures up to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit. Conventional framed walls typically collapse in an hour or less under the same conditions.​
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  1. Historically, the national average was a 3% to 5% cost increase for ICF construction over wood. Due to current lumber prices the cost for ICF vs stick-built is comparable and in many cases cheaper.
  2. 90% financed over 30 years with 10% down at closing.
  3. Many insurers are now recognizing the benefits of ICF construction over wood and offer up to 20% discount on homeowners insurance. A 15% savings to homeowners insurance was calculated.
  4. Homes build with ICF construction are enjoying as much as 80% savings in heating and cooling costs. A 60% factor was used.
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